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With the limitations we now face during the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have all had to alter the way we live. Terms like: “Quarantine”, “Social Distancing”, and the “New Normal”, have become terms we now use in our everyday lives. We must adjust our lives in order to remain safe and healthy.

Martial arts practitioners have, for the most part, because of the close contact needed in order to train and or teach, have closed their schools until a safe method of training can be maintained. This is not to say that your training should stop. If you are unable to attend classes, or teach if you are an instructor, you can still continue your training.

Register with the appropriate organization, then enroll in an ETP (external testing program), to advance to your next rank. Enroll in a course of study you may not have learned yet, but would like to: Korean Swordsmanship, Close Quarters Combat, or Korean Weapons. Earn ranks in these styles while waiting for conditions to reach an “acceptable” level of safety before resuming classes again. Use this time to better yourself and expand your knowledge and abilities in the martial arts.

Korean Swordsmanship (Shim Soo Do)
Online Course Information and Registration Information

Close Quarters Combat. (International Combat Association)
Online Course Information and Registration Information

Korean Weapons (Han Kuk Mu Ki Do)
Online Course Information and Registration Information

Tae Kwon Do (International TaeKwon-Do Association)
Online ITA Black Belt Registration
Online ITA Black Belt Testing (ETP)

Hapkido (International Hapkido Federation)
Online IHF Black Belt Registration
Online IHF Black Belt Testing (ETP)

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