Cane (Ji Pang E) DVD Video Collection
  • Korean Cane (Volume 1)

  • Korean Cane (Volume 2)

  • Ji Pang E Hyungs (Korean Cane Patterns)

    The ji pang e (cane) is one of the primary defensive weapons found in Korean mu do (martial arts) such as hapkido.

    The ji pang e is often used to strike hyel do (vital points) of the body in order to disarm and or disable an opponent.

    In Today's society it is against the law to carry almost any type of object which may be deemed as a weapon. The cane may very well be one of the last "permissible" weapons available which you can carry to defend yourself without violating the law. Fortunately, the cane is easy to learn, versatile and an extremely effective weapon for self-defense.
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Korean Ji Pang E (Cane) Article

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