Korean Nunchaku DVD Video Collection
  • Korean Nunchaku (Tahn Do Li Ga) Volume 1

  • Korean Nunchaku (Tahn Do Li Ga) Volume 2

  • Korean Nunchaku (Tahn Do Li Ga) Patterns

    Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Degree Black Belt and Founder of Han Kuk Mu Ki Do™, teaches the Korean Nunchaku (Tahn Do Li Ga).

    This set of videos will feature the many aspects of the Korean Nunchaku: How to hold and swing the weapon. Defenses against unarmed attacks, Defenses against weapons such as a Club (Tahn Bong), a Knife (Kal), and a Sword (Gum).

    There are two common names for the Nunchaku in Korean, "Ee Chul Bong" (two-section stick), and the more appropriate name, "Tahn Do Li Ga" (Short Flail). Nunchaku is the Japanese word for Tahn Do Li Ga.
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