Tae Kwon Do Instructors, Ask Yourself...

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Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you awarding certificates and credentials to your students that have recognition beyond the front door of your school?
Are your school certificates backed by an international authority?
Are you teaching patterns that are not being constantly changed or discarded?
Are you accountable to a higher authority and is that authority qualified to advance you in Black Belt rank on an international level?
Does your school receive the benefits of having the endorsement of a Grand Master who is recognized worldwide?
Do you have the priviledge of being under the instructorship of a world respected Grand Master who is an asset to the growth of your school and who can offer you over 60 years of experience?
Are you comfortable and satisfied with your own credentials and position in the Korean martial arts?

If you answered "No" to one or more of these questions, you and your students are not reaching your maximum potential. The fact is, very few martial arts instructors in the world can answer "Yes" to all of these questions. If you are interested in becoming one of the elite breed of instructors, you need to register with the I.T.A. as soon as possible.

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