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Only ITA Head Instructors may purchase an ITA Flag. The Official Flag of the International TaeKwon-Do Association™ may be ordered from:


  • International TaeKwon-Do Association™
    (International Headquarters)

    P.O. Box 281
    Grand Blanc, Michigan 48480, USA

    Order Form.

The ITA Flag must be displayed as outlined in the ITA's Constitution and By-Laws:
National Flag to the left, South Korean Flag to the right, Grandmaster Benko's Photograph (8"x10") between the 2 flags, ITA Flag under the Grandmaster's photograph, between the National and South Korean Flag.

The price is $30.00 per flag, plus shipping and handling as indicated on the Order Form.

The flag is black and white, 2'x 3' with Gold trim.

Make check or money order payable to ITA Institute.

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