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Hyel Do:
Vital Points For Self-Defense

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

In this book Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Degree Black Belt brings you the Art of Hyel Do Sul (Vital Point Techniques).

Learn how hyel do sul (vital point techniques) can be used with self-defense techniques to stop an aggressor. This is a detailed account of what happens to an opponent when hyel do techniques are applied.

Featured are: "tong hyel" vital points which induce pain, "ma hyel", vital points which may cause paralysis, and "sa hyel", lethal points of the body, which may cause death. Grandmaster Benko presents a practical approach for making self-defense techniques effective. Includes 30 hyel do Targets and Descriptions, plus 22 Vital Point Charts.

Topics Include: .

About The Author
Why Is Hyel Do Knowledge So Important
Chapter 1: Hyel Do History
Chapter 2: Tong Hyel (Vital Points Which Induce Pain)
Chapter 3: Ma Hyel (Vital Points Which May Cause Paralysis)
Chapter 4: Sa Hyel (Lethal Points of the Body, Which May Cause Death)
Chapter 5: Hyel Do - Vital Points (The 30 Most Commonly Used Vital Points)
Chapter 6: Hyel Do Target Photos
Chapter 7: Hyel Do Charts
      Hyel Do Charts (Introduction)
      List of Hyel Do Charts
      Descriptions of Hyel Do Charts
      Hyel Do Charts

Book   Soft Cover  
8 1/2" x 11"  
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Price:   $15.00
ISBN:   0-937314-09-9

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