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Welcome To The Official KMAF Website

Welcome to the official web site of the Korean Martial Arts Federation™. The KMAF web site has three main objectives:

  1. To present information about the KMAF to instructors, students, and those with an interest in the Korean martial arts;
  2. To help our members more easily and effectively communicate with KMAF World Headquarters; and
  3. To offer membership, training and rank certification to Korean martial arts practitioners.

Grand Master Benko The Korean Martial Arts Federation™ was founded in 1982 by Grand Master James S. Benko (see biography). Grand Master Benko has been studying the Korean martial arts since 1959, providing KMAF members with guidance from his many years experience in the Korean martial arts. The KMAF was established to preserve and perpetuate the study of the Korean martial arts without "politics". It has members throughout the world.

New products, services, and information will be added to this web site on a regular basis. This will provide those interested in the Korean martial arts with a continuous source of accurate and authoritative information.

The KMAF welcomes members from all over the world, into its family. Instructors, if you teach a Korean Martial Art, and your students desire to join the KMAF, you will find detailed information and the necessary applications in our "Affiliation Information" section. Don't wait, Join Today!

Enjoy your visit here and please feel free to send correspondence at the KMAF address provided below.

How To Contact Us

Korean Martial Arts Federation
(World Headquarters)

P.O. Box 281
Grand Blanc, Michigan 48480, USA

e-mail:   World Headquarters

Grandmaster James .S Benko Grandmaster James .S Benko Visit our on-line catalogs for one-stop
24-hour shopping.

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KMAF Information

On-Line Catalogs

Tae Kwon Do Journal™
  • Tae Kwon Do Journal™ is an online publication which features articles and information related to Traditional and Combat Martial Arts. Below are just some of the articles you can find in Tae Kwon Do Journal.

Weapons Programs

  • Korean Swordsmanship Program
    Earn Black Belt ranks in Korean Swordsmanship through our ETP (External Testing Program).
  • Korean Weapons Program
    No matter what style of Korean martial arts you study, you can earn Black Belt ranks in Korean Weapons through our ETP (External Testing Program).


Grandmaster James S. Benko

Animated Techniques

  • Animated Techniques
    Techniques of the Korean Sword, Korean Cane, Korean Nunchaku, Korean Sickle, Tahn Bong (Short Stick), Kwan Jyel Sul (Joint Manipulations), and Jung Bong (Middle Staff).

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