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Korean Cane Techniques:
(Ji Pang E Sul)

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

In this book Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Degree Black Belt and the Founder of Han Kuk Mu Ki Do™ (Traditional Korean Weapons), shows you how to master the Cane (Ji Pang E).

This dynamic book features ji pang e (cane) Strikes, Blocks, Stances, Cane History, Zones of Defense, How To Develop Dynamic Power, Indirect Force Principle, Target Areas of the Body, Defenses against: Wrist Grabs, Clothing Grabs, Hand and Foot Attacks, Kicks, plus How to Apply Chokes and Holds.

This is and excellent program for instructors and students alike. The techniques in this presentaton are part of the requirements for advancing in rank to 1st Degree Black Belt in Han Kuk Mu Ki Do™ (Traditional Korean Weapons).

Self-Defense and mu do (martial arts) instructors and students who teach or train with the cane, will find this book a welcome addition to their book collection.

Topics Include: .

About The Author
Chapter 1: Introduction by Grandmaster Benko
Chapter 2: How To Use This Book
Chapter 3: Physical Limitations
Chapter 4: Korean Cane History (Ji Pang E Yok Sa)
Chapter 5 Zones of Defense
Chapter 6: How To Develop Dynamic Power
Chapter 7: How To Use The Cane Properly (Ji Pang E Ki Bon)
Chapter 8: Indirect Force Principle
Chapter 9: Target Areas (Hyel Do)
Chapter 10: Basic Stances (Ki Bon So Gee)
Chapter 11: Blocks (Makee Sul)
Chapter 12: Strikes (Ter Ri Kee Sul)
Chapter 13: Defenses Against Wrist Grabs (Son Mok Pang Wi)
Chapter 14: Defenses Against Clothing Grabs (Eui Mok Pang Wi)
Chapter 15: Defenses Against Hand Attacks (Soo Pang Wi)
Chapter 16: Defenses Against Kicks (Cha Gee Pang Wi)
Chapter 17: Defenses Against Club Attacks (Tahn Bong Pang Wi)
Chapter 18: Defenses Against Knife Attacks (Kal Pang Wi)
Chapter 19: Choking Techniques (Chil Sik Sul)
Chapter 20: Throwing Techniques (Too Sul)

Book   Soft Cover  
8 1/2" x 11"  
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Price:   $20.00
ISBN:   0-937314-29-3

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