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TaeKwon-Do Patterns
3rd Degree To 6th Degree Black Belt

by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

In this book Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Degree Black Belt and President and Founder of the International TaeKwon-Do Association™, demonstrates the Hyungs (Patterns) required to advance in rank from 3rd Degree Black Belt to 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do: Yoo-Sin, Choi-Yong, Yon-Ge, Ul-Ji, Moon-Moo, So-San, Se-Jong, and Tong-Il.

The book includes 687 step-by-step photographs to help clairify the movements of each pattern . To assist the reader, Grandmaster Benko has added over 600 foot movement diagrams.

Other topics include: What Are Patterns?, Evolution of Tae Kwon Do Patterns, Benefits of Pattern Training, With Which Pattern Does Each Rank Train?, How To Practice The Patterns, Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do, The Trinity of Tae Kwon Do, Question and Response Sequences, and Much More.

Topics Include: .

About The Author
Chapter 1: The Hyungs In This Book
Chapter 2: .What Are Hyungs?
Chapter 3: .Evolution Of TaeKwon-Do Hyungs
Chapter 4: The Benefits Of Hyung Training
Chapter 5: With Which Hyung Does Each Rank Train?
Chapter 6: How To Practice The Hyungs
Chapter 7: Philosophy Of TaeKwon-Do
Chapter 8: The Trinity Of TaeKwon-Do
Chapter 9: Hyungs (Patterns): 3rd To 4th Degree Black Belt
Chapter 10: Hyungs (Patterns): 4th To 5th Degree Black Belt
Chapter 11: Hyungs (Patterns): 5th To 6th Degree Black Belt
Questions And Response Sequences

Book   Soft Cover  
8 1/2" x 11"  
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Price:   $35.00
ISBN:   0-937314-19-6

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