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The Circle Theory
by Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Dan

This presentation features International Hapkido Federation (IHF) President and Founder, Grandmaster James S. Benko, 9th Degree Black Belt, personally demonstrating one of the most important aspects of Hapkido, the Circle Theory.

Learn how circular motions can help enable you to evade almost any type of attack. The circle theory will help you better understand how you can generate greater power with much less effort on your part.

Applications against a wide variety of attacks including, Hand Attacks, Club Attacks, and Wrist Grabs, are demonstrated by Grandmaster Benko as he narrates the program. Increase the fluidity of your self-defense movements no matter what style of martial art you study.

Close-ups are used to help you gain a clearer understanding of the proper execution and application of each movement.

Topics Featured:
Introduction by I.H.F. President and Founder, Grandmaster James S. Benko.
Defenses Against Hand Attacks.
Defenses Against Club Attacks.
Defenses Against Wrist Grabs.

Order Number:   D-117      
Price:   $29.95
Run Time Approx.:   60 Min.
Language:   English
Format:   NTSC

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