International Combat Association™ Individual Membership

International Combat Association™
Individual Membership

You may apply for ICA Individual Membership status and become part of the elite group of close quarters combat practitioners. As a member of the ICA you may begin your close quarters training, or if you already have experience, continue to expand your abilities in this field of studies.

Many martial artists who train for years my not be well versed in the area of close quarters combat. Though they receive training in the the general area, the ICA concentrates its training programs on intensified applications of CQC.

ICA members are encouraged to develop and include techniques they have learned into their training. Combat and self-defense situtations are fluid and constantly changing. The CQC pratitioner must be able to quickly adapt to whatever the circumstances require. You can not rely on movements which may envolve high kicks or spinning motions if you have not conditioned your body to be able to perform such actions when called for in a split second.

Techniques should not incorporate moments which envolve rolling around on the ground trying to control or subdue an opponent. When practicing this type of training the person you are training with is not allowed to strike the person attempting to take him/her down. They are instructed you let the person close distance with them and then take them into some to sort of elaborate hold position. This may look good in the movies but is not practical in real situations.

To help you with your CQC training you fill find ICA DVDs for Knife Defense, Knife Fighting, and Gun Disarms. ICA DVD Collection.

Once your application is received and processed, you will recieve yous ICA Membership Certificate, Your ICA Membeship Card, and an ICA Patch.

You may apply online using our online ICA Individual Membership Form.

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