Become An International Combat Association™ Instructor

Become and International Combat Association™ Instructor

You may apply for ICA Instructor status for each ICA program you complete.

You may take any course you wish. There is no order in which you have to take any of the programs. For example: After you have completed the Knife Training Program and been awarded your Knife Training Program Graduate Certificate, you may then submit our ICA Instructor Applicatiom Form.

Once your application is received and processed, you will be awarded you “ICA Knife Training Instructor Certificate” and your Instructor’s Guide, which outlines how to teach and register your students.

Each time one of your students completes one of the “levels” in the program (there are three), you will submit an application for advancement. The ICA will then issue the Certificate of Completion and send it to you so you may award it to your student. This procedure will continue through each of the levels until the student completed all three levels at which time a Knife Training Program Graduate Certificate will be issued and sent to you at which time you may present it to your student.

Here is how to register your new students and those you awarded level advancement to: How to register new students and level advancements.

You may, if you wish, become an ICA Instructor in one or all three programs. You can apply online using our ICA Instructor Application Form.

If you become an ICA Instructor in all three programs, you will be awarded your ICA Close Quarters Combat Masters Certificate.

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