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ICA Practical Combat Training Tactics
Master Jerry Neale

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The ICA (International Combat Association) offers combat training programs. Grand Master Benko, founder of the ICA, developed these combat training programs in order to help prepare individuals and groups for combat. The programs were designed not only to teach combat techniques but offer individual and instructor certification. Individuals, Police, Security and Military Personnel who wish to train and become certified in ICA Combat tactics, may enroll in these programs.

The style of fighting taught in the ICA is "chon-tu mu do™ " (combat martial arts). Grand Master Benko created this style of combat fighting in order to focus on what the individuals and military units may use in real combat situations. The nature of these type of techniques, in many cases, are not taught in martial arts schools. Control is used in martial arts schools to help protect the practitioner from injury. Not so in real combat where quick and deadly force must often be employed. Chon-Tu Mu Do™ addresses the needs of individuals, military and security personel.

There are several types of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) Training Programs offered by the ICA: the ICA Knife Defenses Program, the ICA Knifefighting Program, and the ICA Gun Disarms Program. Certification is available for each of these programs. Visit the ICA website for more detailed information and online enrollment applications.

The first ICA Progam of study is the, ICA Knife Defenses Program. There are three Levels within this Program: The first Level in this Program is: Level 101 features: Cutting Methods, 10 Cut Exercise, 8 Directions Exercise, Do's And Don'ts Against Knife Attacks, and Basic Hand-Knife Exercises. Once the trainee has successfully completed these requirements he/she may begin training in the Level 102 portion of the program.

The second area of training is Level 102 covers Taking The Knife Away From An Opponent, Throat And Stab Defenses, Quick Disarms, Throat Hit Disarms, Push Blade Back Into The Opponent.

The third section in the area of Knife Defenses is Level 103 features: The Elbow Twist Defense, The Reverse Elbow Twist, Lift Inside Disarm, Wrist Push, Disarm Cut And Stab, and Strike And Disarm.

Master Brandon Stiff finishes his opponent (Master Jerry Neale) with a knife thrust as he deflects his attacking arm

As a former Green Beret who served 3 tours of combat duty in Viet Nam, Grand Master Benko developed these programs based on first-hand combat and combat training experience. These are not the "I learned from a book or video", but actual on the ground, in the thick of it combat techniques. Combining over 60 years of martial arts experience with his military training, he has developed this unique and practical fighting system for combat situations.

Be prepared, be confident, and be hardcore if you want to win in a real-life combat situation. Other programs offered include: Knife Fighting: How to use a knife in combat situations, and Weapon Disarms, featuring disarms against an opponent who has a side-arm.

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