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Anyone may submit articles to our publication. You do not have to be well known or even have written anything before. Be sure to read the submission guidelines to ensure your articles are sent correctly for consideration.

You may submit articles on anything that is related to Tae Kwon Do, other Martial Arts, Military and or Police training, MMA, etc.

Topics may include some of the following:

- Articles on different aspects of training.

- Articles on patterns, types of sparring, breaking.

- Articles on Stretching, Fitness or Physical conditioning

- Articles on health and nutrition.

- History related articles.

- Articles on exercises.

- Self Defense articles.

- Technical (How To) articles.

- Books, DVDs, or Training Equipment for us to review.

Send items to hq@itatkd.com - or you may mail them to us. Please read our guidelines first.

Please note - we do not pay for articles.

All products sent for review become the property of Tae Kwon Do Journal and the ITA Institute and shall not be returned.

All photos must be in jpg or gif format. Quality must be 300 dpi. become the property of Tae Kwon Do Journal and the ITA Institute and shall not be returned.


1. All articles must be submitted in MS Word (no higher than Word 2000), using "Arial" or "Times Roman" font, or plain text with minimal formatting.

2. All articles must have photos and pictures to accompany them.

3. Photos should be 300 dpi .jpg format. If we need a photo for the cover picture we will contact you for a high resolution image.

4. All articles must have a picture of the author accompanying them.

5. Spell check your work before submitting it.

6. If your article contians Asian ideograms, the ideograms must be in jpg format.

7. Any article must be the orginal work of the person submitting it for publication. If the person submitting the article is not the original author, said person must obtain permission, in writing, from the original author. This written verification must be sent to our offices along with the article.

8. Indemnity: All articles are accepted and published by Publsher entirely on the representation that the person(s) submitting an article is properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. Person(s) submitting an article shall indemnify and hold Publisher harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses Iincluding attorney's fees, in any manner arising out of or resulting from any claims, demands, suits, causes of action or proceedings with respect to such article, including without limitation any claims, demands, suits, causes of actions or proceddings for libel, copyright infringement, plagiarism or violation of privary right.

9. All articles are subject to the approval of Publisher. Publisher reserves the right to reject any article which in its sole discretion is objectionable, misleading or not in the best interest of the reader, or does not conform to the standards of the Publication of which attacks other individuals or organizations directly.

10. The author of the articles retains full copyright of their work, but by submitting it to the publication agrees that it can be published in whole or part within this publication, both now and in the future without notification or any payment to the author.

11. Once published, any article, both text and photos are subject to the public domain and therefore cannot be retracted. By submitting articles you agree that you understand this.

12. This publication reserves the right not to publish any or all pictures submitted with an article.

13. The publication reserves the right to split long articles into sections.

14. Articles may be sumitted in printed format (double-spaced), by e-mail, as an attachment to the e-mail or on disc or flash drive. Items submitted become the property of the Publisher and shall not be returned. Zip files will not be accepted.

15. The publication, at its' own discretion, reserves the right not to publish every article submitted. All submitted items become the property of the Publisher and shall not be returned whether published or not.

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