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World Martial Arts Federation™

Welcome to the WMAF Home Page. The World Martial Arts Federation™ is an organization consisting of Individuals, Instructors, Masters Grand Masters, Schools, and Organizations dedicated to the education, and unification of those who wish to learn, teach, and advance in rank in the martial arts. The WMAF is a non-political Worldwide martial arts organization.

The WMAF is one of the most pretigious martial arts organizations recognized throughout the world. The WMAF was founded by Grand Master James S. Benko. Grand Master Benko is one of the highest ranked non-asians in the world.

The WMAF offers official rank certification in the Martial Arts, as well as Instructor and School/Organization certification. Once registered with the WMAF, Instructors will be able to test their students through the WMAF to insure their ranks are registered and recognized. All WMAF certificates are sent directly from World Headquarters. WMAF member Instructors, Schools, or Organizations, may NOT issue certificates or cards in the name of the WMAF.

Those who are dedicated to practicing and teaching the Martial Arts can, perhaps for the first time, be able to take pride in the organization to which belong. The WMAF is NOT a "diploma mill". All ranks must be authenticated before the WMAF will issue a certificate of rank. The WMAF is a safe haven to those who wish to practice their Martial Arts without having to concern themselves with power struggles amongst organization instructors.

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WMAF Membership Benefits

WMAF schools may continue to use their own training curriculum, patterns and testing requirements. There is no need to change your methodologies as long as you adhere to WMAF testing procedures and rank certification.

Some Benefits of WMAF Membership:
  • National, and International Rank Recognition.
  • Reviewing and granting of ranks.
  • Access to WMAF Rank Examination and Certification.
  • A central filing of all ranks and styles.
  • Recognition of your rank and authentic ranks of foreign countries.
  • Official WMAF Certificate of Rank and a Rank and Identification Card.
  • It documents your Martial Art experience and credentials.

All too often Individuals, Instructors, Masters, Grand Masters and even Organizations become involved in martial arts politics. This only causes confusion, disunity, and fragmentation amongst practitioners. The WMAF is a "non-political" organization focusing on the Art and not on the political games played by so many of organizations. Maintaining the integrity of the Martial Arts and upholding the traditions of these arts.

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How Can I Become An WMAF Member?

To become an WMAF Member submit the following:

  1. WMAF (by Mail) Individual Application For Membership and Fee.
  2. WMAF Online Individual Application For Membership and Fee.
  3. Photocopy of your current Certificate of Rank.
Submit Fees in the form of a Money Order or Bank Draft,
in U.S. Funds, made payable to ITA Institute.

Mail in your application, fee, and copy of your certificate of rank. For faster processing send a Postal Money Order.

Once you are accepted and your application is processed, you shall receive your WMAF Certificate of Rank and your WMAF Rank and Identification Card.

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How Do I Register My School And Students?

If you are teaching the Martial Arts and to join the WMAF you must register as an individual, as a Head Instructor, your school, and all of your students with the WMAF at the same time. You must hold the rank of at least 1st degree black belt a Martial Art and have a minimum of 5 students in order to apply for School and Head Instructor certification. To Register Yourself, School, and Students with the WMAF submit the following:

(The following must be submitted at the same time)
  1. WMAF Head Instructor Application and Fee.
  2. WMAF School Membership Application and Fee.
  3. WMAF Individual Application For Membership and Fee (for yourself).
  4. WMAF Individual Application For Membership and Fee (for each student).
  5. Photocopy of your current Certificate of Rank.
Submit Fees in the form of a Money Order or Bank Draft,
in U.S. Funds, made payable to ITA.

Once you are accepted and your applications processed, you shall receive the following: your WMAF Certificate of Rank and your Rank and Identification Card (unless you are already a WMAF member), your Head Instructor Certificate, your School Membership Certificate, a Certificate of Rank and a Rank and Identification Card for each of your students, a Copy of the WMAF Constitution and By-Laws, a Schedule of WMAF Fees, and Applications for Promotion, for when you test your students and return the forms to World Headquarters for processing and rank certification.

The WMAF Constitution and By-Laws explains in detail the WMAF's policies and procedures for Registering Students, Testing Students, Submitting Applications for Promotion, and much more. It is the Head Instructor's guide on how to run your school within the guidelines of the WMAF.

You do not have to have a "full-time" commercial school. Many instructors teach at community centers, YMCA's, church halls, sports centers, and even in their homes or backyards. It is not as important "where" you teach, as it is the "quality" of "what" you teach. The true spirit of the Martial Arts can be taught in one's backyard or home with only a few students, or in a full-time commercial school with hundreds of students. All you need is the ability and willingness to share your knowledge of the Martial Arts with others.

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How Can My Students and I
Advance In Rank?

Once you are an WMAF Certified Head Instructor, you will be granted authority to test your students through the WMAF, up to one grade below your current rank. (Examples: A WMAF 1st Degree Black Belt Head Instructor may test his/her students up to 1st Gup (the rank just below Black Belt). A WMAF 2nd Degree Black Belt Head Instructor may test his/her students up to 1st Degree Black Belt, etc.). All students must be registered WMAF members in good standing in order to test.

The Head Instructor will then submit an "Application For Promotion", for each person who tested, to WMAF World Headquarters for processing. The WMAF will issue a new Certificate of Rank and a Rank and Identification Card for each person. These will be returned to the issuing Head Instructor who will award them to his/her students. ALL Certificates of Rank, Rank and Identification Cards or any other WMAF Certificate will be issued ONLY from WMAF Headquarters to insure authenticity.

A WMAF black belt in good standing may apply to enter the WMAF External Testing Program and test via video and written examination.

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External Testing Program

WMAF black belt members in good standing who hold the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt or above may request to be admitted to the External Testing Program. Once admitted into the program you will be able to test via video and written examination.

WMAF black belts who are interested in this type of program may:

Apply by Mail: External Testing Program Application For Admission.
Apply On-Line: Online External Testing Program Registration.

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All rights reserved.

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