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Head Instructor and School Membership

To register your school your must register as an Individual, a Head Instructor, and your School. You may do so by submitting this application. WMAF Head Instructor - School Application Online.

Be sure to include a copy of your highest certificate of rank in the style you wish to register in. Once accepted, you will receive your WMAF Black Belt Certificate, your WMAF Membership Card, your Head Instructor Certificate, and your School Membership Certificate.

Your Head Instructor Certificate with show your currect rank. You will be authorized to test your students up to one grade below your current rank. A 2nd Degree Black Belt may test stuents up to 1st Degree Black Belt, A 5th Degree Black may test students up to 4th Degree Black Belt and so on. You may submit student applications and promotions for processing online. You may use your current school curriculum as each school may have a different method of ranking.

You should register your students and be sure to update any promotions you award. A Certificate of Rank and Rank and Identification Card will be issued to each of your students.

How to register and promote your students.

You must renew your Head Instructor and School Membership each year.

You do not have to have a "full-time" commercial school. Many instructors teach at community centers, YMCA's, church halls, sports centers, and even in their homes or backyards. It is not as important "where" you teach, as it is the "quality" of "what" you teach. The true spirit of the Martial Arts can be taught in one's backyard or home with only a few students, or in a full-time commercial school with hundreds of students. All you need is the ability and willingness to share your knowledge of the Martial Arts with others.

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