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How Do I Register My School And Students?

If you are teaching the Martial Arts and to join the WMAF you must register as an individual, as a Head Instructor, your school, and all of your students with the WMAF at the same time. You must hold the rank of at least 1st degree black belt a Martial Art and have a minimum of 5 students in order to apply for School and Head Instructor certification. To Register Yourself, School, and Students with the WMAF submit the following:

(The following must be submitted at the same time)
  1. WMAF Head Instructor Application and Fee.
  2. WMAF School Membership Application and Fee.
  3. WMAF Individual Application For Membership and Fee (for yourself).
  4. WMAF Individual Application For Membership and Fee (for each student).
  5. Photocopy of your current Certificate of Rank.
Submit Fees in the form of a Money Order or Bank Draft,
in U.S. Funds, made payable to ITA.

World Martial Arts Federation - Grand Master James S. Benko Once you are accepted and your applications processed, you shall receive the following: your WMAF Certificate of Rank and your Rank and Identification Card (unless you are already a WMAF member), your Head Instructor Certificate, your School Membership Certificate, a Certificate of Rank and a Rank and Identification Card for each of your students, a Schedule of WMAF Promotion Fees, and Applications for Promotion, for when you test your students and return the forms to World Headquarters for processing and rank certification.

You do not have to have a "full-time" commercial school. Many instructors teach at community centers, YMCA's, church halls, sports centers, and even in their homes or backyards. It is not as important "where" you teach, as it is the "quality" of "what" you teach. The true spirit of the Martial Arts can be taught in one's backyard or home with only a few students, or in a full-time commercial school with hundreds of students. All you need is the ability and willingness to share your knowledge of the Martial Arts with others.

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