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Grand Master James S. Benko

Grand Master James S. Benko

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Welcome To The ITA

Welcome to the official web site of the International TaeKwon-Do Association™. The ITA website has three main objectives:

  1. To present information about the ITA to instructors, students, and those with an interest in the Art of Tae Kwon Do.
  2. To help our members more easily communicate with ITA Headquarters.
  3. To offer membership, training and certification to Tae Kwon Do practitioners throughout the world.

The ITA welcomes members from all over the world, into its family. Instructors, if you and your students desire to join the ITA, you will find detailed information and the necessary applications in our "Affiliation Information" section. Don't wait, Join Today!

Grand Master James S. Benko

Grand Master
James S. Benko, Ph.D.

Founder and President of the
International Tae Kwon Do Association

The International TaeKwon-Do Association™ was founded on July 9, 1974 by Grand Master James S. Benko (see biography) and his late-wife, Edna (Dieu Thi Vu) Benko. Grand Master Benko began studying the Korean martial arts in 1959, providing ITA members with guidance from his several decades of experience.

The ITA was established to preserve and perpetuate the study of the Art of Chang-Hun Tae Kwon Do without "martial arts politics". We teach the Original 24 Chang-Hun 24 Patterns, not the modified patterns or styles which have seen fit to add new patterns or modify the original patterns for profit or political advantage.

New products, services, and information will be added to this web site on a regular basis. This will provide those interested in the Korean martial arts with a continuous source of accurate and authoritative information.

Enjoy your visit here and please feel free to send correspondence at the ITA address provided below.

How To Contact Us
The ITA may be contacted at:

International TaeKwon-Do Association
(International Headquarters)

P.O. Box 281
Grand Blanc, Michigan 48480, USA

Instructor Verification
  • Instructor Verification Form
    If you find someone claiming to be an ITA (International TaeKwon-Do Association) Instructor and that his/her school is a member of the ITA, you can check by submitting this form. The ITA takes legal action against anyone attempting to use the ITA name.

Grandmaster James .S Benko Grandmaster James .S Benko Visit our on-line catalogs for one-stop
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ITA Information

Tae Kwon Do Information

International TaeKwon-Do Association

On-Line Catalogs

Tae Kwon Do Journal™
  • Tae Kwon Do Journal™ is an online publication which features articles and information related to Traditional and Combat Martial Arts. Below are just some of the articles you can find in Tae Kwon Do Journal.
Click Here for more Information about Tae Kwon Do Journal

Korean Weapons And Combat Programs

    Shim Soo Do Korean Swordsmanship Grand Master James S. Benko
  • Korean Swordsmanship Program
    Earn Black Belt ranks in the Art of Shim Soo Do™ (Traditional Korean Swordsmanship) through our ETP (External Testing Program). You can now register Online!

  • Korean Weapons Black Belt Programs
    No matter what style of Korean martial arts you study, you can earn Advanced Black Belt ranks in Han Kuk Mu Ki Do ™ (Traditional Korean Weapons) through our ETP (External Testing Program). You can now register Online!

  • ICA Combat Training Programs
    No matter what style of martial arts you study, you can can benefit from the Knife Training, Knife Fighting, and Gun Disarms Programs offfered through the ICA (International Combat Association™'s) ETP (External Testing Programs). You can now register Online!


Grandmaster James S. Benko
Animated Techniques

  • Animated Techniques
    Techniques of the Korean Sword, Korean Cane, Korean Nunchaku, Korean Sickle, Tahn Bong (Short Stick), Kwan Jyel Sul (Joint Manipulations), and Jung Bong (Middle Staff).

Salute To Veterans

  • Serving With Pride
    Grandmaster Benko is proud to have served his country in the military, as were his father and grandfather. The ITA salutes all who have served, and are serving in the defense of our country.

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