The 19th pattern in Tae Kwon Do is Yon-Ge. Yon-Ge is the third of three hyungs (patterns) required for advancement from 3rd Degree Black Belt to 4th Degree Black Belt in the International TaeKwon-Do Association. You "Yell" (YAH) on the first and last movement of Yon-Ge.

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Question and Response Sequence For

  Instructor: Sound off!
  Student: Yon-Ge of TaeKwon-Do Hyung.
  Instructor: How many movements?
  Student: 49.
  Instructor: Who was Yon-Ge?
  Student: A famous general during the Koguryo Dynasty. The 49 movements refer to the last two numbers of 649 A.D., the year he forced the Tang Dynasty to leave Korea alone after destroying 300,000 Chinese troops at Ansi Sung.

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